Fang Haojie: Strive to promote the province's ceramic industry cluster high-quality development

Time: 2024/02/28

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Provincial People's Congress, Hunan Province Meicheng Ceramics Technology Co.Fang Haojie

Red net moment news reporter Xu Lingli Tan Weifeng Li Dan correspondent Huang Cheng Changsha report

Fang Haojie from the "hometown of national electronic ceramics" - Loudi Xinhua, he said, the provincial government work report for the promotion of the real economic development of a number of practical initiatives to make their own further strengthened to accelerate the development of ceramic enterprise confidence and determination.

Fang Haojie as chairman of the Hunan Province, the United States course of ceramic technology limited company was founded in August 2010, is a national high-tech enterprises, national speciality special new small giant enterprises, national single champion enterprises, Hunan Province, advanced ceramic industry leading backbone enterprises. The company now has five series of electronic ceramic products such as thermostat, magnetron, new energy, sensor, lead-free piezoelectric, etc.; of which the thermostat ceramic switch box accounts for more than 80% of the domestic market share. And with BYD, Midea, Granz, Panasonic and other well-known enterprises to establish a long-term strategic partnership.

In order to vigorously promote the province's advanced ceramic materials industry cluster high-quality development, better help Hunan to build a national important advanced manufacturing highland and Loudi central region materials valley construction, accelerate the realisation of the "three high and four new" beautiful blueprint, Fang Haojie on accelerating the development of advanced ceramic industry cluster put forward three aspects of the proposal:

First, it is recommended that the provincial government to set up advanced ceramics special industrial development fund, and actively build a bank-enterprise docking platform, increase the bank's credit limit, and strive for more credit policy, to solve the problem of enterprise financing difficulties. To help industrial cluster development, solve the project land, crack the development bottleneck.

Secondly, it is recommended that the province to organise more enterprises to participate in product demonstrations, industrial technology exchanges, project cooperation, trade talks and the holding of high-profile summit forums, etc., to comprehensively demonstrate the field of electronic ceramics industry in Loudi, new products, new technologies, new equipment, new achievements. Support enterprises to do a good job of brand promotion, help enterprises to develop overseas markets, broaden sales channels, and accelerate industrial development.

Thirdly, it is recommended that the province to establish a collaborative industrial chain innovation communication mechanism to help in the province associated enterprises to establish communication bridges, guide and support enterprises to extend the industrial chain and improve the industrial support, promote the innovative development of advanced ceramic components, integrated circuits and other high-value-added products, integration and use of resources in order to accelerate the development of the electric ceramics industry.

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