Meicheng Ceramics Group-2023 Mid-year Work Summary Meeting

Time: 2023/08/08

  August 5, 2023, Mei Cheng Ceramics Group 2023 annual mid-year summary meeting was held in the picturesque Qinghai --- Yindel Hotel. The meeting first through a small video way to review the previous year's mid-year summary of work and tourism activities, and then the person in charge of each department reported the achievements and shortcomings of the first half of the year 2023, the second half of the year's work to do a good job of planning. Secondly, Chairman Fang Haojie fully affirmed the achievements made by each department in the first half of the year in terms of cost reduction and efficiency, introduction of talents, standardised management, etc., and made an important deployment closely focusing on the Group's strategic objectives, automation promotion, infrastructure construction, and the planning and layout of the research institute. Commended the powder performance improvement, printing machine efficiency improvement, powder de-packaging, intelligent canteen and dormitory and other cost reduction and efficiency projects, promoted a group of 25 echelon management and technicians such as Liu Jianping, Zeng Xiong, Xie Yongbo, Wu Lan, etc., which laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.

  Innovation for development, win the future with one heart. The company adheres to the purpose of people-oriented, since 2018 under the leadership of Chairman Fang Haojie, every year in the middle of the year, we will organise the middle and senior management to go out to hold a management conference. We went from Zhangjiajie to Inner Mongolia to Yunnan to Qingdao to Guizhou, summing up the work while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way, so that every heart to pay for the Meicheng Meicheng people enjoy a happy life after the stressful work. All of us will always uphold the strength comes from unity, happiness comes from the concept of struggle, to build the beauty of the course of no bystanders, no outsiders, only to take ownership of the posture to maintain the confidence of victory, to be assured at all times of the sense of responsibility, the responsibility to give up my responsibility to do our best for the future development of the beauty of the course of their own contribution.

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