What is the difference between ordinary ceramics and special ceramics

Time: 2023/11/20

Special ceramics microstructure has significant features, crystal phase, glass phase, pores three coexist, uniform distribution, so it is also known as precision ceramics, advanced ceramics, fine ceramics, etc., what is the difference between ordinary ceramics and special ceramics, the following is the difference between special ceramics and ordinary ceramics by the Meicheng Ceramics Factory to introduce to you.

Special ceramics is not directly using natural mineral raw materials and highly selected high-purity chemical products as raw materials; after precise control of the chemical composition, microstructure, grain size; in accordance with the method to facilitate the structural design and preparation of manufacturing, processing and excellent characteristics (thermal, electronic, magnetic, optical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) of the ceramics known as special ceramics.

The difference between special ceramics and ordinary ceramics:

1. Structural differences

The composition of ordinary ceramics by the composition of the clay decision, due to the different raw materials lead to traditional ceramic materials in the chemical composition of the complexity and variety of impurities and impurity components and impurities in the phase of more than not easy to control, the microstructure of the shoddy and less than uniform, porous; advanced ceramics of the chemical and phase of the composition of the simple and clear, high purity, so the microstructure of the general uniformity and fine.

2. Different materials

Ordinary ceramics to natural minerals as raw materials, mainly natural silicate minerals, such as ceramics, clay, feldspar, quartz sand, etc.; and special ceramics are generally oxides, nitrides, silicides, borides, carbides, etc. by the synthesis of high-quality powders for the starting material, breaking through the ordinary ceramics clay as the main raw material boundaries, replaced by & ldquo; highly selective raw materials & rdquo;.

3. Different performance

Special ceramics have different special properties and functions, such as high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, insulation, and in the magnetic, electrical, optical, acoustic, bioengineering aspects of the special features, so that it is in the high temperature, mechanical, electronic, aerospace, medical engineering aspects of a wide range of applications.

4. Preparation process is different

Ordinary ceramics with a mixture of minerals can be used directly for wet forming, such as clay plastic forming and slurry slurry forming, the material sintering temperature is low, generally 900 ℃ -1400 ℃, generally do not need to be processed after sintering; and advanced ceramics are generally used in high-purity powders with organic additives in order to be suitable for the dry or wet moulding, the sintering temperature of the material is higher, according to the different materials from 1200 ℃ to 2200°C, and processing is required after sintering. In the preparation process breaks through the traditional ceramics to the kiln as the main means of production boundaries, widely used such as vacuum sintering, protective atmosphere sintering, hot pressing, hot isostatic pressure and other advanced means.

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